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Remotely hosted CGI Script

Free Web Tools for Webmasters - Check out these amazing free tools!


Free remotely hosted CGI sripts. The following is a list to sites that will host scripts for your website. More services on the other sections for forms, guestbooks, chatrooms, message boards, counters, and mailing lists.

This site offers a nice collection of free remotely hosted CGI scripts that you can customize and use to enhance your Web site. Scripts here include a stats tracker, a guestbook, an access counter, a spam fighter, a random link script, and more.

This site offers free, remotely-hosted scripts that make it easy for you to add nifty features to your site, even if you don't have CGI-bin access on your server or know nothing about scripts. The scripts here include a counter, a jumpbox, "refer-a-friend," a mailing list, a banner rotator, a Web page poll, a form-to-E-mail feature, etc. What's more, unlike other services of this kind, the scripts here are ad-free.

Automated Live Help 
HalFire.com offers 24/7 Automated Live Assistant for your visitors. Includes website specific automated live experts, live helper to maximize your affiliate program income, interactive Chat for your Visitors and more. To get started simply create a free account and you will begin by training your own personal Halfire Minion (This is your own personal automated intelligence created by you). When you are ready to link your new Minion to your website, you will be provided with a small piece of code. This code will be placed on your site to activate your Halfire Minion. No programming or hosting required.

The best free (under 500 pages) search engine service you can get for your site. You can customize the results page, control rank results, find out what people are searching for etc.

Guestbook, poll, feedback form, recommend it, text message rotation, free-for-all link.

Various CGI scripts including top sites, password protection, random image, download tracker, anti spam and more.

Web Ads
Banner rotation

Banner rotation

Website search engine

Bravenet Web Services
Guestbook, message board, form, counter, digital postcard, form, search engine

Free CGI Resources
Form, guestbook, message board, password protection

Calendar Hosting


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