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Locally hosted CGI Script

Free Web Tools for Webmasters - Check out these amazing free tools!


The following services offer free CGI scripts hosted locally on your server. CGI Scripts makes your website interactive and intelligent. You can conduct polls, make a password protected pages, setup a search engines and much more.

If your server doesn't allow you to run CGI scripts, or you don't want to get your hand dirty installing CGI scripts, check out the remotely hosted CGI scripts section for free remotely hosted CGI scripts.

Big Nose Bird
Excellent site for free CGI scripts, tutorial, HTML tricks and more. Scripts include banner rotations, form with autoresponder, and more. Also, you can ask questions and offer help in their BNB bulletin board.

Cgi For Me
Free CGI scripts for beginners and pros alike. It has tutorials for newbies and customisation for the more experienced. Some free scripts to download.

CGI City
Scripts are divided into several categories. Banner ads,counters, password protection, cookies, etc. Both paid and free scripts are available.

CGI Resources
Over 1800 CGI related resources in more than 200 categories.

Fluid Dynamics
Free CGI script to download including server error script, counter, search engines etc. Text also available in German.

Free Perl Code
Many free perl code to download. Site has search facility.

Matt's Script Archive
Provides many CGI scripts all of which are Free, including a Guestbook, Free For All Link, Bulletin Board Message System, Countdown, Animation, Random Link/Image Scripts, and much more!

Scripts For Educators
Several Perl CGI programs and directions on how to use them.

Script Search
Over 5500 CGIs and other scripts listed. You can browse by language, C/C++/Java, JavaScript, Perl, Visual basic, VBScript, UNIX Shell etc.

Freeware and shareware scripts available for download. Web log analysis, counter log, web tester (check for broken links) etc.

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Free Webspace with CGI access
If you are looking for free webspace with CGI, Perl, PHP, ASP, Access database, WAP, and SSL support, check out this list.


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