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List of free webspace

Free Web Tools for Webmasters - Check out these amazing free tools!


Here is a list of free webspace / homepage providers. Once you signed up for a free webspace, you can return to Absolutely Freebies to find wealth of other resources to help you develop your webpage. You will find tons of freebies such as counters, guestbooks, chatrooms, clipart and even make some money from your website from Affiliate Programs.

Blockstar Website Builder and Hosting
Blockstar offers free website building and hosting service that lets you create blogs, photo galleries, and web pages without having to know HTML. Get free 25MB of storage and 500MB of monthly bandwidth. From uploading a single image to making a full website.

Hostiz.com offers free Domain Hosting and sub domain hosting. Features includes 150 MB's storage, PHP Support, unmetered traffic and more. What's great about this site, they don't display ads on members site. There's also a support forum for register member.

Get 50MB free, paid for with banner/popup and email ads. file size limit 0.25 MB with monthly bandwidth of 0.5 GB.

This free hosting service has devised a new way to pay for their service. Instead of a banner ad on your site, you must agree to receive their newsletter. For this they offer: 20MB, free domain hosting, unlimited email addresses, FTP access, and more.

Free Web hosting made simple

FTP, use email based publishing, or web browser publishing,
free email, personal discussion forums, no ads, url is http://internettrash.com/users/your_homepage.

Gives 15 Mb free web space. Provides many facilities, including online drag & drop editor - no HTML coding, e-mail address, counter, pre-built templates, and guestbook etc. Pop up/banner on every page. No CGI but they offer easy to install add-ons. Files upload via ftp and browser. The largest online community on the net.

12 Mb, 256K file size, email forwarding, site builder tool, file manager but no FTP facilities. Banners and popups on every page.

50mb of free space, page building tools, free message board, guestbook. search engine, unlimited bandwidth and online support.

Virtual Avenue
50 Mb, provides CGI and perl access, banner ads required on every page. FTP upload. You can use your own domain eg, http://www.yourname.com. but you have to pay registration fees to InterNic.

Angelfire is add sopported service giving away 20 MB webspace, web building tools, page desogn templates, free images, FrontPage enabled. Also allows you to create a free blog site.

50MB Free Web Space
Free Guestbook
Free Chat Board
Free Form Email
Free Web Page Builder
Free Web Page Templates
Free Clip Art
Search Engine Submission
Fast Server
Simple URL (http://dreamwater.com/yourname)
Free subdomain (http://yourname.dreamwater.com)
Unlimited Bandwidth
No pop-Up Banners

20 MB space, shoryter URL, building tools, page design templates. free images, Front Page extension.

Fortune City
Free ad-supported service. You get http://members.fortunecity.com/yournmae. no domain name or email address, 25 MB of web space with FTP to upload file.

Unlimited webspace, 5 GB monthly transfer, own CGI PHP scriptting, MYSQL database support. You get 50 MB when you sign up and can add more space and features later.


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Free Webspace.Net
If you are looking for a place to host your Web page for free, then Free Webspace.Net is the place to start. As of this writing they have 350 listings, and it can only go up.

Everyone.net Plug-in-Email
Offer your own free email to your visitors from your website. It must be a Top Level Domain @YourDomain, no free web space though and must be hosted.

WebTutor:get an education
Download a free tutorial program to help you create your own web pages. This program teaches all the basic, how to create frames etc.

The Spot for Web Site Builders
Build a better website, learn the secrets at The Spot.

Free Webspace with CGI access
If you are looking for free webspace with CGI, Perl, PHP, ASP, Access database, WAP, and SSL support, check out this list.

HTML Tools
Check out this section for tools that can help you build a better website.

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