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Free javascript to download

Free Web Tools for Webmasters - Check out these amazing free tools!


The following is a list of free javascripts sites where you can download java script for free. Javascripts enable you do many versatile things with your webpages. It livened up your pages and make them more interesting. But beware too much of it can make your webpage slow to load.

Free javascripts
Excellent site where you can get free and useful javascripts with tons of "cut and paste" examples for your web pages. Easy to navigate site.

Nice site with descriptions and instructions for each javascripts. Categories include frames, images, links, timing and windows.

JavaScript Library
Hundreds of free cut-n-paste Java Scripts including color manipulation, calculations, security, clock, time/date, sound/music, search, navigation and more.

A1 JavaScripts
Features a large amount of high quality free java scripts, also a dhtml section, tutorials, forum and online tools with working examples of each script. Well presented and updated regularly. They can email the scripts to you.

Search For It
Fully searchable for javascript keywords and categories. You can find lots of other scripting languages too.

Nice site with good scripts , particularly for games.

JavaScript City
Free cut and paste javascripts, plus javascript information and other resources.

Java Scripts R Us
Free javascripts to download.

Nic's Java Script Page
Cut and paste JavaScript. Many categories including cookies, colors, banners rotation etc.

JavaScript 4 U
JavaScript Web Ring sources for Webmasters. Includes many categories.

Where to learn JavaScript

On-line tutorial to help you learn JavaScript by showing how it is done

This site contains a bi-weekly articles by a web doctor. Very high-end and good for the experts.

This site contains tons of resources, tutorials, editorial content, free javascript.


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