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Free fonts to download

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Download Free Font new
For Free What Is Font? Font, Fonts, Typeface, Fontexpert, Typefaces - A font is a specific typeface of a certain size & style.

Font Freak
This site offers thousands of free fonts to download from over 300 different authors. The fonts are divided into a PC and a Mac section.

The free-fonts.com database contains more than 55.000 fonts to download.

Creamundo.com offers 9,800 free fonts that can be sampled and downloaded. It's a free true-type fonts where you can expand your look-and-feel choices for text.

This site is for anyone in search of the latest and greatest free fonts on the Web. Here you'll find a collection of freeware fonts and dingbats, available for Windows and Mac.

Font Face
Daily updated with Font of the Day is added to the archive. Fontface.com has over over 1000 free fonts. All of the free fonts are available in both Windows and Mac formats

At this site you'll find over 4,700 freeware fonts and dingbats, for Windows and Mac. This site also features Free Logo Maker, font utilities, al "frequently asked questions" section and more.

This useful site offers over 25,000 True type, Open type, Postscript and MAC Fonts and features a search engine, so you can quickly find what you need.

Font Village
A nicely designed, constantly updated resource, Fontvillage.com offers over 6,000 free fonts, sorted alphabetically available in both Windows and Mac formats

Larabie Free Fonts
Over 100 free fonts free, original Windows font every week

Cool Archive
Many fonts to choose. You can download other free graphic as well like icons, animations, bullets etc.

This site offers 2,200 freeware TrueType fonts. There is also a search engine to help you find the specific font you're looking for.

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