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Free banner exchanges

Here is a list of free banner exchange services, along with their description. To participate in any service, you need to submit a banner ad with a size of 468 x 60 pixels. File size usually restricted to 10Kb or smaller. They will display your banner randomly based on the number of times you display banners of other members. Display ratio is typically, 2:1 meaning for each time you display two banners, they will display yours once.

Link Buddies
Free banner exchange service from Link Buddies. Display ratio 2:1. Banner size 468x60 and several others. You get 500 free impression when you sign up to their service. You can target your banner to specific audience or exclude any banner type from being displayed on your pages. When you refer a new member, you get 10% of their traffic as a bonus to your hits. This is a family safe exchange.

Clickthru Network
ClickThru Network is a unique free banner exchange that guarantees click-throughs. You can surf other member pages to receive free credits or refer new member to receive free credits. Size: 468x60 (optional)

Transport Exchange
A banner exchange network solely targeted at transport related sites around the world. They give a 3:2 ratio and 500 free credits for joining.

Free Banners
Another free banner exchange service with display ratio 2:1. Banner size 468x60. You can convert your credits into cash. They offer many ways to earn free credits. You also earn 20% of all banners displayed by members who have signed up under your account up to 3 levels.

• 500 Free credits just for signing up
• 2:1 display ratio
• Target your audience
• Track your success, 24/7
• Online banner creator
• Free website tools



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