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Free counters and trackers

Free Web Tools for Webmasters - Check out these amazing free tools!


The following is a list of free counter and tracking services. Counters only display the number of unique visitors to your website. Counters are the simplest way to get a feel for the traffic your website is generating. Trackers offer more comprehensive infomation about your website visitor including when your visitor visit your page, the website referer, what browser they were using, the length of time they spend on your site, the search engines and keywords they used to find you and and much more. Trackers usually do not display the number of visitors but instead display logo or small graphic link to your page statistics.

The stats generated as a result of those visits are usually emailed to you or you can log on to a website to view them. Some counters and trackers offer the option of non-public stats access if you prefer.

Below, you can find a blue circle next to the counters or trackers that in my opinion offer excellent service.

Free counters

Cam's Dynamic Counter
Java applet based counter.


Fast Counter
Fast counter with discreet advertising.

GoStats.com Free and Paid Web Counters
A great free counter site. Put a counter on your page quickly and easily.


Free trackers

Google Analytics
Google Analytic is free trackers thats will tracks all of your keywords, on every search engine. If you buy keywords on search engines other than Google, for both paid search and unpaid search, Google Analytics tracks all of your marketing initiatives, Google-based or otherwise. All of your ads, email newsletters, affiliate campaigns, referrals, paid links, search engines, and keywords. So you can compare performance across the artificial boundaries of search engine, campaign, and medium.

Nice tracking service allowing you to track all your web pages. Free and paid version areavailable. The free version is good enough for most people and unless you want invisible tacker and extra details, go for the paid version. Check it out!

A free yet reliable invisible web tracker, with a selection of counter styles, options and essential website stats.

Free Web Counter & Site Tracker. Tracks IP numbers, software platforms and other details of visitors to your site. Over 100 detailed statistics and reports.

Offers counters and trackers. Hundreds of font styles to choose.

eXTReMe Tracking
Excellent tracking service, one of the best, go get it!

Some useful stats, requires 400x60 banner ad

IP Stat
Attractive and good statistics information

Many detailed statistic, available in a variety of languages, no ad. Free for non-commercial use

Useful tracker service.See how pages are rank against each other. Offers free advertising opportunity in their ranking pages.

AddMe! Free Web Statistics Tracker
An easy to use statistics program. You must put the addme graphic on the page being tracked.

Web Side Story
One of the best counters/trackers on the web! Brings you the best statsitics!

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