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Blog Resources


Tips for Earning Money Through Blogging 
If your blog's receiving good traffic, you might consider whether or not you'd like to be rewarded for your efforts. Many bloggers have discovered they can earn good money through their blogs. If this interests you, there are several programs available.

This free blog software is b2/cafelog's official successor. It has a great interface and useful features like 'private' posting (password-protected), file uploads, and more. You need PHP version 4.1 or greater, MySQL version 3.23.23 or greater, and The Apache mod_rewrite module (optional, for the nice URI functions) on your server.

Blogger.com is one of the most popular free blog hosts. Users can create a personal or a group blog for free - either by using their hosted service (BlogSpot) or one's own web host.

Movable Type
Movable Type is a popular blog software among bloggers who like to manipulate web designs, formats, and functions. However, you need to have some programming skills (or pay for an installation service) and your own web host. While there is a free blog version, some bloggers might find the licensing agreement with this too limiting. For more flexibility, there are several licensing fee options for both personal and commercial users.

Greymatter is Perl-based blogging system. Installation to a server that supports Perl 5 software is required, it is the ''origina" opensource weblogging and journal software' on the web. it has several features like comments, 'karma' voting, templates, search, and bookmarklet.

Live Journal 
This popular free blog host is preferred by many individuals who enjoy a community-based blogging system. It is web-based and the sign-up process is quick and easy. There's also a premium version.

Multiply is that it incorporates several features that many casual and personal bloggers look for, which are, a place to write journal entries and reviews, a way to share photos, videos and audio, as well as it acts as a site that enables people to connect with friends and family (social network). In spite of its limitations for more serious bloggers, Multiply is still a great site to check out. This is where blogging meets social networking. It also supports photo blogging and video/audio uploads. There are three membership levels: Free, Gold, and Platinum.

This free blog platform is web-based. There is also a 'premium' (paid) version. It is growing in popularity, especially because of its community. If you're a personal blogger who wishes to have access to an easy, community-based blogging service, then Xanga might be the one for you. However, if you wish to be able to expand your blogging on another level, then you probably need to keep looking for a service that will better suit your needs.

This free blog system offers features and plugins including templates, friends' list, favorite links, music playlists, recent visitors list, comments, and ratings.

Technorati is a blog tracker that offers a real-time search engine that keeps track of what is going on in the blogosphere. Here you can search for more than 22 million blogs and get your blog listed.

Writely allows you to edit documents online, and then publish and blog them online. Writely features includes uploads and downloads your documents, view history, spell-check or invite others to share your documents (by e-mail address) and more.





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