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Search Engines Freeware/Desktop Search

Google Desktop
A free utility that let you find your email, files, photos, web history, Gmail. MSN and AOL messenger. You can even search Outlook e-mail without firing up the Outlook application. The Sidebar presents a compelling new way to navigate both your own computer and the Internet.

Copernic Desktop Search
Copernic Desktop Search allows you to instantly search files, emails, and email attachments stored anywhere on your hard drive.

Google Toolbar
Download this free tool, and use Google to search from any Web site without returning to the Google home page to begin another search. You can also use the toolbar to find similar pages, or sites that link back to that page. The toolbar includes Popup Blocker, AutoFill, and BlogThis.

Copernic Meta
How often do you fruitlessly query one search engine, then another, and then another--until your eyes begin to get bleary and you reach a deep, despairing state of futility? Copernic Meta can address part of this problem by ending such wild goose chases. It does so by querying multiple search engines, so you can search for images, audio, multimedia, news, and auctions.

Yahoo Toolbar with Anti-Spy
Search from anywhere on the Web, and protect yourself from spyware and pop-ups, with this toolbar. Yahoo Toolbar fits snugly into your browser, right under the address field. You can enter any search term you would like, click "Search Web," and you'll get pages of results. This latest version scans your PC for programs that may be spyware and lets you decide whether to delete them. The program also blocks pesky pop-ups.

EarthLink Toolbar 2005
It's no longer enough for a search toolbar to simply perform searches. EarthLink Toolbar includes a ScamBlocker feature that protects you from online scams. These so-called "phisher" scams mimick corporate Web sites and try to trick you into giving out your personal information. The toolbar also includes news headlines and well as a pop-up blocker, as well as the expected Google-powered search engine.

A9 Toolbar
Try A9 Toolbar, which sits in your browser so you can search from any page. With the Diary feature, you can leave notes on any Web page and later access them from any computer--not just the one you browsed at when you found the page. A9 lets you access the same information from any computer. Your bookmarks stay on A9's server, so there's no need to worry about syncing your bookmarks between different PCs. You can check your browsing and search history from the server, too.  


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