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Office Suites

Try Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Beta Free new
Microsoft has opened up access to the beta of the latest version of Microsoft Office. Right now, you can download Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 in its entirety (beta version) for free. The download itself is a little bit under 700MB. We haven't seen a specific date for when this free beta license will expire, but Microsoft betas of this sort tend to last about a year.

The look, feel, and functionality of Microsoft Word, in a completely web-based AJAX platform. You can import and export documents in all popular formats, including documents with graphics. The save function lets you save your work to a drive on your computer. Also, since you run ajaxWrite from your web browser, it is platform independent and can therefore be used with any operating system.

Star Office 5.2 free version
StarOffice software is an alternative in office productivity suites that runs on multiple operating systems, including Solaris Operating Environment, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. The office suite has a simple, easy-to-use interface and contains full-featured applications including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, graphics and database capabilities." Updated on 05 December 2004.

Microsoft office live
Microsoft has launched their Office Live service. At this writing the service is in beta testing and all levels of the service are free for the beta test period. The basic service will remain free after the beta test period ends. With the Office Live Basics service you get a free domain name, free Web site, five free 2 gigabyte email accounts, and a number of free online tools.

When you receive your free product key you need to return to the Microsoft Office Live site and finish the registration. You will need to enter a valid credit card, but it won't be charged unless you purchase additional services.

Goffice.com is high quality printable PDF output that's rivals output from Adobe InDesign. It works online and faster than local software. You can print, save, email, fax or mail it from the site. For the rare few who can not open PDF files, you can print the results directly from your browser. You can send the unseen results via email, fax or postal mail. They will soon support viewing your finished document as jpg image so people running WebTV and other non-pdf capable machines will be able to see their finished results before emailing, faxing or mailing them.

OpenOffice.org is a multiplatform and multilingual office suite and an open-source project. Anyone who doesn't want to pay Microsoft's premium prices for rarely used features may prefer the free suit. It does everything that typical users need it to do, and does some things better than MS Office. Available for Windows, Linux and Solaris.

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