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Pay per click

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What is it?

Pay per click or banner advertising is an opportunity available for website owners to make money by making use of your website traffic. You find these banners displayed on almost every website you see.  Your sponsor will supply the banner and HTML code to paste on your page. You receive payment for each person who clicks their banner which you place on your website. The advantage is that you make money whether or not the person you refer purchases or not. The disadvantages is, they only really work for the big sites with huge traffic.

Average pay-per-click pays between $0.05 to $0.20 per click from your website, some increase the commission as your traffic increases. Checks are usually sent out, after you have accumulated certain amount in commissions. You can usually change this to your prefered amounts.

How much money can you make?

So how much money you can make from this program? It's depends on variety of variables. Obviously, the more visitors you have, the more impressions the banners will get, thus more click throughs, and more money you'll make. To increase click through rate, you have to target your banner to your audience's demographics. If your site is about travelling, you will get more click through by displaying travelling related banners. Untargeted banner usually have lower click-through ratios.

The table below is an example of your potential earnings. Remember, on the Internet, you can make money 7 days a week, 24 hours a day... Even while you sleep. However, remember that these figures are, just mathematical examples of what is possible. It is no way quaranteed earnings.


Unique Click-thrus


























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